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  • Paul Szabados is European trained in woodworking and cabinetry. He has been operating in Canada since 2001.
  • free estimates - Kitchens - Media Rooms | Closets
    - Bathrooms - Crown Moldings
    - Basements - Pillars & Fluting

    References avaible upon request  |  Workmanship guaranteed

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  • Dean Vandal ( Owner, Master Builder Group) " I hired Paul's company to do the custom finishing and cabinetry work in a $500 000 renovation project in a prestigious riverside community. This included: kitchen cabinets, media room, bar, closets, bathrooms, crown mouldings, fluting and panelling. For the exterior he did custom framing for windows, doors and a shed. The quality of his work enabled us to sell the project for top dollar in a very competitive market. I recommend Pals Woodworking for the craftsmanship and more than fair pricing. After dealing with many sub trades, my experience with Pals Woodworking has been everything I could ask for. "
  • Scott Boucher (Project Co ordinator, Pyramid Corporation) "After dealing with Kitchen Craft, Ikea and Home Depot, I was referred to Pals Woodworking by a co worker to complete my basement renovation, a custom bar for my basement. I had a basic idea of what I wanted but Paul's expertise helped me decide on the best value without compromising the custom look I was hoping for. I have a unique finished product all my friends talk about and I saved enough money to get the big screen TV I always wanted. I plan to refer him to all my customers and staff."
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cabinet maker   woodworking
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woodworking, edmonton
cabinet maker, edmonton